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The Student Anthropology Society of Grant MacEwan

....Anthro Meeting @ 3pm on Wednesday Jan.21st!!!.
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- This community exists for the Grant MacEwan Student Anthropology Society. Here, we discuss anything and everything to do with anthropology.

- As the moderator, I want to use this site to inform Club members of what is going on within the club, as well as use this as a discussion board for students, whether it be about upcoming events in the club, anthropology in general, or even homework help ( like informing others of good websites or resources, or textbook info).

- As a moderator, I would like to ask that posts be kept on topic; however, if they aren't, well, I won't delete the post. I don't find it a too big of an issue, even though most community moderators do, but please don't use and abuse.

- Also, we are all in anthropology because we like people, so no hate or negative thoughts on the board please :) This is a happy place!!!

- Finally, you do not have to be from the Grant MacEwan Anthro Club to post or comment... as long as your entry pertains to Anthropology and you are positive, you're allowed to post!

- Have fun!!! <3


-President: Kyra Bulley

-Vice-President: Taabish Zaver

-Secretary: Jen Cyr

-Treasurer: Vanessa deJong


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